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Rain, hail, heat and wind are no longer a problem on your driving range with WeatherStopper. The mobile all-weather cover will keep your driving range and practice facilities in action all year round, thus providing your customers more practice time.

The direct result with the increased patronage will not only reflect in your revenue column but will indirectly affect other areas of your operation, your bar/food/retail facilities can only benefit.

The WeatherStopper fits up to 12 people and is available in modulated sizes up to 107 feet!

There is no need to outlay valuable resources to buy a WeatherStopper for your golf course. An attractive operating plan is available which means players on the practice range are paying for WeatherStopper while club funds are being directed to other important areas.

About six buckets of balls a day will pay the rental on a WeatherStopper and all maintenance costs are included. There's no more to pay, that's guaranteed.

With your point-of-difference in having the WeatherStopper providing welcome relief from the weather will no doubt attract new customers. More customers mean more money!

The WeatherStopper comes with its own lighting for the players tee blocks, thus allowing your customers to play into the night. Once again, adding more dollars to your business.

As we all know it is proven the sun's rays have a direct link to skin cancer. With governments realising this, it is your duty-of-care to protect your customers from the sun. The WeatherStopper will not only protect your customers but you from potential litigation.

Opportunities do exist for further revenue dollars via selling signage on the WeatherStopper. And the WeatherStopper can easily be moved by a single operator thus avoiding wear and tear on your grass.


Recent Headlines

WeatherStopper' Golf Range shade structure installed at Savannah Quarters

The media launch for the re-design of the Savannah Quarters Golf Resort by Greg Norman and Medallist Developments proved a perfect occasion to also announce the installation of the first 'WeatherStopper' Golf Range shade structure in the United States.

Greg pointed out to the large press corps in attendance that the provision of such high-tech equipment to allow Club members practise in the heat of the day, during inclement weather and even at night, would increase the use of practice facilities even when the rest of the Course was undergoing his renovations.

'This is another example of how we, at Medallist Developments, make every opportunity to incorporate the highest level of technology to our Course Design capabilities', Greg announced. 'We are proud to be the first to bring to the U.S. such a functional, and golfer-friendly structure'.

Greg Norman reviewing the 'WeatherStopper' on the Driving Range at the Woodyard Golf Course, part of the Savannah Quarters Development project being undertaken by Medallist Developments.

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